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December 15, 2018
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Meet Ela, PPD Zagreb’s fan

It is time to meet another participant of Be8player’s Best Handball Fan Contest. We will introduce you to Ela Delatovic, 10-year old Djakovo. Ela’s favourite team is PPD Zagreb, but she goes to almost all SEHA matches played in Nasice. When Nexe played in Osijek, Ela went to those matches as well. She usually attends the matches with her dad Stipo and they enjoy the sport together.

Even though she is only 10, Ela started training handball 4 years ago at her local handball school ‘Sedmerac Djakovo’. “I went to handball matches with my dad when HC Djakovo played in Croatian Premier League, and I started to like handball. I was training in ‘Sedmerac’, but now I play in WHC Djakovo. I compete in youth leagues for girls born in 06/07 and sometimes 04/05. My position is centre back, left back and sometimes left wing“.

We already said her favourite team is PPD Zagreb, but Ela’s favourite player and her role model is Domagoj Pavlovic. Since Pavlovic doesn’t play in SEHA – Gazprom League anymore, her favourite players are Igor Karacic and Zlatko Horvat. Another player Ela mentioned was Domagoj Duvnjak, who is also from Djakovo. 

Ela and Stipo often go to handball matches, especially SEHA matches played nearby, in Nasice or Osijek. They also go to matches of the Croatian national team when they played in Osijek, and of course to matches of local clubs WHC Djakovo and HC Djakovo.

We asked Ela about special matches she likes to remember and there are a couple of them. “In my memory a special place belongs to the match Poland – Croatia played at the EHF EURO 2016 when Croatia beat Poland 37:23. Also, two matches from the EHF Champions League Final 4 in 2017 when Vardar became the champions with Luka Cindric and Ivan Cupic scoring two most important goals in last seconds of the matches“.

And finally, we asked Ela about how she spends her free time. “I often watch handball matches, play with my younger sister or some computer games. I also like to spend time with my friends, in the summer I like swimming and during winter I love ice-skating.’

It was great to meet Ela and Stipo during this contest, and they are a good example for all families that love sports! 

Stipo (Ela) Djelatovic’s photo 🙂