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December 13, 2018
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Meet Ivan Jeletic, PPD Zagreb’s fan

Meet our next fan. The second PPD Zagreb fan we will meet in these stories is Ivan Jeletic, 33-year old from Zagreb. We talked to Ivan about his favourite handball memories and players and some matches he remembers. Ivan also told some interesting things about himself, so make sure you tune in and read this story. 

We usually like to open the conversation with handball related topics. Ivan is a big PPD Zagreb fan and he told us about his favourite player, former PPD Zagreb star Domagoj Pavlovic. “He is a complete player, has a smooth, joking playing style. Footwork, assists, scoring, he fakes well and his dribbling is also great. If you just remember his dribbles at the Final 4 from Varazdin“.Ivan thought it was Dujshebaev who got crossed over, but it was actually Mijajlo Marsenic on that play! Even though Ivan doesn’t live in Zagreb, it doesn’t stop him from going to matches. He is a regular at EHF Champions League matches, but, as he told us, he wishes he could go to even more matches. 

Ivan has been a handball fan for a long time, so he remembers almost all the major trophies and accomplishments by the Croatian national team. He singled out the 2003 WCh in Portugal, but also the match everyone remembers, the 2016 European championship in Poland, when Croatia defeated the hosts by 14 goals to reach the semi-finals. If you remember, we talked to Anja, who told us she watched that match live! But, it’s not just the Croatian national team that put smiles on his face. Ivan told us about some memorable matches from his favourite club. 2016 was a big year, with many memories, especially beating RN Loewen to reach the quarter-finals of the EHF Champions League. PSG awaited there, and the Arena Zagreb was filled out to the last seat to witness those amazing matches! 

But, it’s not just about handball, as Ivan told us. “It’s also hanging out before, during and after matches with my friends that I met on some matches. And taking pictures with the former players. I sent you one already, I have some more on my Instagram profile“.It’s amazing to see how handball unites, builds friendships and enables people to meet new people. Ivan should be an example for everyone!

In general, Ivan is a big sports fan. “I play football in my free time, I like to attend sport matches, mainly ball sports- football, handball, basketball, water polo. I also watch them on TV, I like many competitions- including NBA, NHL, NFL“.

There’s more to Ivan than sports. Ivan has many hobbies and interests. He’s a big animal and nature lover too, enjoying various activities outdoors. “I like taking walks in nature, riding my bike and just hanging out with my friends. But, my most favourite things are summer, sun and the sea. I do like going to the theatre or cinema, but I haven’t been there in a while. After a long day, I like to relax by playing with my hedgehog Jimmy. It’s that time of the year, so feel free to visit his Instagram – jimmyhedgehog.’

It’s been a pleasure meeting Ivan, hopefully he inspired a few people to attend matches and share their passion with other people. For a final message, Ivan wished happy holidays, a lot of laughter, health and happiness!

Ivan Jeletic’s photo