Meet Katarina Jordanovska, Vardar’s fan

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December 14, 2018
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Meet Katarina Jordanovska, Vardar’s fan

After you met Anja, Dalibor, Artyom and Ivan, it’s time for Katarina. Katarina Jordanovska comes from Skopje and she supports the reigning SEHA – Gazprom League and Macedonian champions – Vardar. She told us about her favourite handball players, memories and some hobbies. Let’s meet Katarina!

Let’s start from the beginning. Katarina never trained handball, but that’s okay. She still loves the sport and follows everything about her favourite club. She did tell us, there are a few regrets, but nothing too big: “I wish I had trained handball. I am pretty sure I would have been a great circle runner. Nowadays, I never miss a match. I am either in the hall or I watch it on TV. There is always some free time left for the matches“. Katarina proves you don’t need to train or even play handball. There are fans that have never held a ball in their life. But that’s completely alright, because you can feel the same way about a sport. Handball knows no boundaries!

All fans have some favourite players, so does Katarina! For her, those players are some recent Vardar’s heroes: Timur Dibirov, Ivan Cupic and Luka Cindric. Captain of the Macedonian national team, Kiril Lazarov, is also on her list! Katarina told us she admires the former Vardar head coach Raul Gonzalez for his patience, calmness and perseverance. Over the years, Gonzalez definitely left a historic, legendary impact on Skopje, and deserves all the credit! 

We asked Katarina about some of her favourite matches, and we can’t agree more. This one is just described perfectly! She talked about one particular match from this season: “The latest handball match that comes to mind is the last match against Rhein Neckar Löwen. Everyone in the stands in the SC Jane Sandanski hall greeted former Vardar player Ilija Abutovic and that was very touching to see. I get chills just thinking about it“.

Abutovic was a member of Vardar’s legendary squad that returned from Cologne with a European title in 2017. Katarina told us it’s her favourite memory from handball! It just had to be, the whole event will be remembered by her and thousands of other Vardar fans. Two amazing victories, incredible celebration in Skopje upon their arrival. Magnificent!

Finally, Katarina told us about her hobbies. Apart from using her free time to watch handball, either live or on TV, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is very active, goes to the gym. Of course, Katarina likes to watch and like cute animal pictures online. Well, so does everyone! 

We hope Katarina keeps going to the stands and support Vardar in the next part of the season and throughout the time as well! 

Katarina Jordanovska’s photo