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December 16, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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Meet Zana Kirasic, PPD Zagreb’s fan

Our final fan story will be about Zana Kirasic from Ogulin. She supports PPD Zagreb and she told us about some of her favourite handball memories, herself and something about her favourite players. 

Zana has many hobbies, some include watching handball and going to matches, but there is always time for family and friends. Well, there is always her dog Aron too! 

Zana is 24, she never trained handball, but she still loves handball. Two of her favourite players are Tin Kontrec, who is still in Zagreb, and Manuel Strlek who now plays for Veszprem. Her favourite memory involved Manuel Strlek. It was Zana’s first handball match she saw live, and PPD Zagreb were playing St Petersburg. There were many emotions during that match, but she got a signature from Manuel Strlek on her match ticket and Zana still keeps it and finds it very special. 

There is another very special match Zana remembers. It was between PPD Zagreb and Barcelona, also in 2011. Zana thinks that match had the best atmosphere and was very enjoyable. 

Apart from those memories, Zana creates new memories pretty much all the time. She told she goes to almost all home matches of her favourite team. PPD Zagreb are having a pretty good season so far, so we believe Zana had a lot of fun in those matches!

Zana Kirasic’s photo 🙂