Be8player main prize giveaway
February 26, 2019
Katarina: “So yay! I won the Be8player Contest!“
March 4, 2019

Since it was announced that Vardar fan Katarina Jordanovska won the main prize of Be8player’s Best Handball Fan Contest vol.3, we could not wait to actually give the prize to Katarina. Well, now we did it. And it was in style! 

Katarina was awarded the prize before the start of the big match between Vardar and PPD Zagreb. To make things even better, Timur Dibirov, Vardar’s star and one of Katarina’s favourite players gave her the prize. It was a very memorable moment for Katarina and something she will cherish for some time. Not only did she get to take pictures with Dibirov, she was also standing in front of the crowd in SC Jane Sandanski who greeted the Best Handball Fan of 2018/19.

Katarina’s prize was more than two all-inclusive tickets to SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4. She also won Vardar’s signed jersey and of course a fantastic gift package from hummel. We must not forget about hummel, who helped Be8player organise another fantastic contest for the fans and provided some amazing gifts for the participants. Lastly, hummel even provided a gift package for Katarina’s plus one, who will join her on the trip to the SEHA Final 4!

This is my first contest and first prize. The photo was made while we were watching handball together at home. My little Ema is playful, and dog Marli has patience to take photos and so we put a jersey on the dog and photo was made spontaneously. Who is my favourite player, well that’s a hard question. Cindrić is my favourite player, Stole, Timur and Kiro Lazarov of course“, said Katarina.

Little Ema was also very excited: “My favourite player is Stole because he is the best. I was very happy when Katarina won. I hope Vardar win too“.

Apart from Katarina, the prizes were won by Jasna Naceva and Dalibor Sandev who also took part in the Contest. For them, Be8player has prepared gift packages, too. Congratulations!