Vardar fans – loudest fanbase in the Region

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March 26, 2019
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March 30, 2019

If a team comes to play in Skopje, in SC Jane Sandanski, they know they will not just face seven excellent players on the court, but they will also have to play versus the noise generated by terrific Vardar fans. We saw that in Champions League matches, but we also saw it at the last SEHA Final 4 in Skopje, when Vardar won their 4th SEHA trophy as a tribute to the golden generation.

Vardar is a club with a huge fanbase in Skopje, they are passionate about handball, as much as any other sport, and we saw that when the team arrived from Cologne in 2017, after winning the European title. The fans are so passionate that Stoilov had to wear a cap and sunglasses so he would not be recognised, and that fans used to sing under Igor Karacic’s window. It goes that far…

Vardar also have us the best handball fan in 2018/19, since Katarina Jordanovska and her friend earned a trip to the SEHA Final 4 in Brest. She will be the main voice of Vardar fans, as the Macedonian champions will fight for the 5thtrophy of the SEHA – Gazprom League, in Belarus!