Be8player corner at SEHA Final 4 in Brest

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April 5, 2019
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May 5, 2019

Be8player corner at SEHA Final 4 in Brest

Vardar vs Meshkov Brest - Final Tournament - Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom league, Brest,02.04.2019, Mandatory Credit © Nebojsa Tejic / kolektiff

Be8player corner was an essential part of the spectacular 2019 SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4.The most colorful piece of the beautiful Arena attracted many spectators that wanted to be a part of the big event. It was the second time SEHA Final 4 was held in Brest, and some fans were already accustomed to the Be8player corner, but we wanted to be even better than in 2017. To help us achieve that goal, a special thank you is reserved for our loyal sponsor hummel, for providing amazing gifts throughout the entire season, and at the Be8player corner. Apart from hummel’s jerseys, the fans had a chance to win more prizes, like Be8player and SEHA t-shirts, many cool things like the printed magazine, SEHA pens, notebooks and of course colorful SEHA and Be8player stickers.

In order to win the awesome prizes, the fans needed to correctly answer a question they got on the Be8player card. The questions were about clubs, players and handball in general, so we hope everyone had a chance to learn something new along the way.

To help things run smoothly, a lot of credit goes to our brilliant volunteers Alina, Diana, Max and Anna. They displayed excellent spirit and wanted everyone to have the best possible experience at the spectacular event. The volunteers were also in charge of Be8player’s social media accounts and did a fantastic job to entertain the fans on digital platforms too.

It was simply a great environment to be in, surrounded with handball friends, in a beautifully decorated corner, mostly with amazing fan photos. Not only did the fans have a chance to win prizes, we had a wall where all visitors could leave special notes and messages to their favorite players. It was amazing to see the youngest fans trying hard to leave meaningful messages to their idols.

Overall, Be8player corner was once again one of the main attractions of the SEHA Final 4, a tradition the League is very proud of. We hope to be even better in the future, to reward the most loyal fans!

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images