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April 1, 2019
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April 5, 2019
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Katarina Jordanovska’s diary: Off to the final!

Vardar vs Meshkov Brest - Final Tournament - Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom league, Brest,02.04.2019, Mandatory Credit © Jozo Cabraja / kolektiff

Vardar are off to the final, going for the 5th SEHA – Gazprom League trophy after a very tough match against MeshkovBrest, a match that wasn’t easy to watch. 

What an amazing day!
When we got inside the arena, we got greeted by an avid Meshkov Brest fan – Vladimir, who also participated in the Be8player contest along with his lovely wife Yulia! They were kind enough to invite us to their team’s fan-zone, and that offer was too good to pass on.

Watching a tight match with the fans ofthe opposite team is a whole new experience! It was loud, it was nerve-wracking, but it was fun! And Meshkov Brest’s fans are so friendly andoutgoing.

Time to get some rest before the big match tomorrow. Vardar, we can do it! Let’s bring the trophy back home!

Photo: Kolektiff Images