Katarina Jordanovska’s first day in Belarus!

Stars and excited juveniles share Kids’ Day in Brest
April 1, 2019
Katarina Jordanovska’s diary: Off to the final!
April 3, 2019

First day in Belarus!
After getting some well-deserved rest, we got to go on a little tour around Brest.
Such a nice cute little city, full of tiny shops and friendly warm people.

Today we saw Sovetskaya Street, the main pedestrian street in Brest. Standing tall in the middle on the promenade is the monument in honor of Brest’s 1000 anniversary. It depicts main events of the city’s history and at the very top there’s an angel holding a shield and across – they call it “the guardian of Brest”

On our short tour, we noticed many SEHA Final 4 billboards around, you can definitely feel the city’s excitement about the event! 

We didn’t get to see Brestskaya Krepost today, the fortress Brest takes great pride in, but that’s a must-see and it’s on tomorrow’s “To Do List”. 
Tomorrow’s main events, though, are the games! 
We are looking forward to cheering Vardar to the final!