Fairytale continues: Thousands of Red&Black hearts for the Macedonian miracle

“Ajde, ajde, Vardare!“
May 28, 2019
Prepare your cheering props – the new season is around the corner
July 29, 2019
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Fairytale continues: Thousands of Red&Black hearts for the Macedonian miracle

Thousands of hearts, all as one, the Macedonian sky painted in red and incredible fans with the same goal – to welcome the heroes and to celebrate the European trophy with the golden generation. With the spectacular finish of the season, Skopje was too small for all the fans that wanted to see European champions in the country of the rising sun. 

And then they came, brilliant guys, amazing people, a team that is a real miracle. Legendary captain Stole Stoilov couldn’t find the words to describe his feelings: “Vardar from Skopje is the European Champion. Let Vardar live, let Macedonia live.“ When Stole invited to the scene “the heart and soul of the Vardar team “, Igor Karacic, the atmosphere was magnificent. MVP of the EHF Final4, fantastic player who probably couldn’t imagine this brilliant farewell from the Macedonian capital. Full of emotions, happy and proud, Kara said: “We came to Cologne, we promised ourselves that we will enjoy, dance on the court, that we will try to bring joy to our people“. And they succeeded, they did it again. “Thank you for all seven and a half years in Macedonia, in Skopje, I wish you all the luck and I love you!”, was Kara’s last message to fans.

He then gave the microphone to the Russian diamond, to shiny left wing, who has been flying with Vardar for years now, to Timur Dibirov. Another Russian star Daniil Shishkarev, German with Macedonian spirit Christian Dissinger, youngster Martin Popovski and giant Sergei Gorbok shared their luck and pride with thousands of fans. And then, it was Dejan Milosavljev’s turn to speak: “You’re the people with the greatest heart I’ve ever seen. And these guys are something special. We have played for you and showed you that you need to believe. Thank you for believing in us. Let Vardar live“.

Everyone from this unbelievable Red&Black squad has been a part of this historical success. They said too many times: ”This is for you, for our people, fans, for Macedonia“. Vardar are not just European champions, not just SEHA champions, they are far more than that, they are amazing Warriors who live for each other, for you. And so, thank you Vardar, thank you golden generation for making us happy and proud once again! Macedonia can celebrate and the handball world can too!

Photo credit: Denis Dukovski / HC Vardar