Prepare your cheering props – the new season is around the corner

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June 5, 2019
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Prepare your cheering props – the new season is around the corner

Another season full of excitement and amazing handball is in front of us. Twelve teams that booked their tickets for the 9th edition of the SEHA – Gazprom League will face a lot of challenging moments on the court. Besides good tactics, great skills and team spirit, they will need the help of their fans. 

In those crucial moments, when players feel as though they can’t fight no more, the cheering from the stands can bring their spirit back. Loud and loyal fans are one of the key parts of every team’s puzzle. 

This season will not only bring a lot of excitement, but a chance to bring teams and their supporters closer together. There is nothing better than when the arenas are full of fans wearing their team’s colours on their shirts. When it feels as though the team and the fans are like one. When the people in the stands share the same emotions as players on the court.

Taking photos with their favourite players and meeting their idols is just a part of the amazing opportunities fans go through when they get involved in this crazy thing we call sport. And from what we have seen, the players enjoy that too.

When everything is going well for the team or in those times where nothing really works in their favour, the clubs need their fans to give them strength. They are the ones that will support their team and be with them through thick and thin.

In the upcoming season teams will need that more than ever. As the beginning of the new season looms, it is time for fans to prepare for months of surprises, emotional moments and challenges. The teams will show their gratefulness in the best way possible – making every minute on the court count. Besides 7 players on the SEHA court, it is your turn to be their 8th players all over the handball world.