Q&A – Vladimir Cupara: ”Family and friends are the most important thing in the world”

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March 7, 2020
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May 12, 2020
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Q&A – Vladimir Cupara: ”Family and friends are the most important thing in the world”

The entire handball world has learned, in a short period of time, who Vladimir Cupara is and what he is capable of. 25-year-old goalkeeper has become a key player in both Telekom Veszprem’s and Serbian national team’s successes. 

For half a year now, he has been showing his talent in Veszprem’s jersey, but that that’s not only a matter of talent, but of constant hard work, he discovered in our first ever Q&A interview.

We talked to Cupara in December, but despite that, we thought about giving you a chance to ask him a few questions yourself.

As a proof that you did a good job scratching under the surface and passing the journalist test, read the following interview and enjoy it, after all, this is your work.

@vladimirshileev: Why did you leave Kielce?
I left Kielce because Veszprem were interested in me. They sent an offer and, without thinking, I accepted it and came here.

@grusovnikpatricia: Who is the funniest teammate in Veszprem and why?
I don’t know, it is a difficult question. Really, everyone’s funny in their own way, but I would say it is Kentin Mahe. 

@luka_eres & agikavigh: Who is your handball role model?
Easy, Arpad Sterbik and Danijel Saric.

@unknown: Is it true that when someone hits you, during the match, with a ball in your head, afterwards, you get better at saving your goal?
In some situations, that can be very helpful, in others, not so much. Depends. Sometimes, it is nice to be hitted with a ball, to wake up a little or be a bit more aggressive.

@grusovnikpatricia: If you could go back in time, what sport would you train, except handball?
Probably basketball or water polo.

@grusovnikpatricia: What is your favorite food?
VC: I don’t have favourite food. I like to eat everything, which can be assumed when you look at me. However, I would single out Serbian specialties and local cuisine, which is what I miss most while abroad.