Happy International Day of Families, 8th players!

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May 12, 2020
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Happy International Day of Families, 8th players!

We would like to use today’s International Day of Families to remind ourselves, together with you, 8th players and our dear friends, but also all members of the sports community, how important family is for each one of us.

We are thanking all the parents who recognized their children’s talent for sports.
We are thanking all the mothers for unquestioningly upbringing new generations of professional athletes.
We are thanking all the fathers, the biggest idols to their children.
We are thanking all the women that support their husbands and boyfriends as they train, travel and stay away from home to entertain thousands and thousands of sports fans all across the world.

You are real heroes for making our everyday life more beautiful and inspiring!

Family is Fierce.
Family is Admirable.
Family is Meaningful.
Family is Important.
Family is Lovable.
Family is Yours.

As Cupara said in our first Q&A ”family and friends are the most important thing in the world”. Take his word for it and be grateful for your family. 

We consider you, 8th players, our virtual family. Together we grow, experience emotions, laugh, cry, hang out at the stands and sports events and for that – we appreciate YOU, your efforts, personality and, mostly, the contribution you selflessly give to the sport that would not be the same without you. Just as you would not be the same without your families.

Happy International Day of Families all!