Q&A – Fran Mileta: ”Mikita left the biggest mark this season among right wingers”

Q&A – Vladimir Cupara: ”Family and friends are the most important thing in the world”
April 13, 2020
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May 15, 2020
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Q&A – Fran Mileta: ”Mikita left the biggest mark this season among right wingers”

Young Fran Mileta‘s appearances in Nexe’s jersey this season are another proof of how many good and promising young players SEHA – Gazprom League has. Nexe’s number 7 is a first handball player born in the new millennium who received an invitation for gathering with the Croatian senior national team.

In the 9th SEHA – Gazprom League Fran made 13 appearances in which he scored 38 goals for Nexe. Only Sasa Barisic Jaman (49) and Marin Jelinic (41) scored more than him.

After Vladimir Cupara, we talked to Fran, recently named the best right winger in the world in the junior competition. We were resting, you were asking. Find all of Fran’s answers in the video form or a written text, it is up to you to choose.

Don’t miss to read about how much it means for Fran to play on a big stage, in Nasice, but also wearing the jersey of the ”big guys” – the senior handball national team of Croatia.


@petarstojanov10: Are you staying in Nasice next season?
I am staying in Nasice next year, as well.

@plawaguesp3: Try to describe Nexe with the first letter of your name.

@hrs_insta: Which match in a Croatian jersey is your favourite?
My favourite match is the first one I played for the seniors against Germany.

@hrs_insta: What are some of the goals you want to achieve with a national team?
I think the biggest achievement would be winning any kind of a medal.

@petarkresimirpuda: What is the most important thing in a young career?
The most important thing is a lot of work, that is, training and sacrificing.

@hrs_insta: Do you have a favourite goal from your playing career?
I must mention a few. The favourite one would certainly be the first one for the national team against Germany. I remember also scoring in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Spain with juniors against Portugal to confirm a place in the finals and, finally, the third one is a penalty against Split, when I played for Labin two years ago. It was penalty that secured us a win and playing in Croatian Premier Handball League.

@crsjacrsja: Which right winger left a mark in this season?
The biggest trace in this season was left by the right winger of Meshkov Brest, Mikita, and I better not pronounce his surname so as not to make a mistake.

@luka_dedic26: How long have you been training handball now?
This is my thirteenth year.

@mrkzapresic: Who’s your roommate on your travellings with a team?
My roommate is Gianfranco Pribetic.

@unknown: Which teammate do you miss the most?
I am not going to say that I miss one of my teammates more or less, I simply miss the whole team.

@haliljaganjac45: How are you able to jump so high?
Thanks to my friend Halil for asking this question, but I think I could improve my jump.

@copicbruno: Who has a better wrist – Dibirov or Cupic?
In my opinion – Dibirov.

@grgo.volarevic: Why are you such a good player?
I think I can be even better.

@unknown: What were you doing in the quarantine without matches and trainings with a team?
I am doing great, spend most of my time training, hanging out with my family, and since the measures are no longer so strict, I spend time with my girlfriend and friends.